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Benelux Champion Bellydance 2009

Benelux champion bellydanceBelgian dancer from Limburg wins contest Benelux Championships Bellydance 2009

The belgian 28 year old Luna has won 1st place at the “Benelux Championships Bellydance 2009” on the 29 march 2009 in Eindhoven (NL).

Luna, who is a publishing assistant in daily life, won first price in the main category after several elimination rounds.

After an improvisation round to drumsolo music, a quarter and semi final, she convinced the judges on giving her first place in the finals. Nargis from the Netherlands placed second, followed by Harlemin, also from the Netherlands.

2 groups, a duo and 13 solo dancers from the Benelux competed for the title.

The contest was held in Eindhoven and organised by Safira Bellydance and Dancemasters Verspaandonk, under the flag of IDO.

Benelux champion bellydanceThe jury consisted of experienced international dancers Safira from Holland, Saïda from Belgium and Khalida from Germany (who was Bellydancer of the World 2007 herself).

The results of the competition can be found here: http://www.ido-holland.com/hall_of_fame/detailsuitslagen/2008-2009/20090329_eindhoven/index.htm.


Luna also won several awards at national and international competitions later on. You can find an overview in the Resume!







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