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Weekly bellydance classes

More and more women are discovering bellydance as a new hobby. This danceform is a fun activity for everyone, no matter how old, young, big or small you are!

bellydance classes

On top of that, bellydancing has some healthy benefits:

  • stronger muscles in your tummy and (lower) back;
  • more flexible joints;
  • improved balance;
  • improved body co-ordination;
  • better body posture, which is a boost for your self-confidence!

Our first focus in class is good posture. Basic movements are tought and you learn how to move different parts of your body seperately.

Luna emphasises on dancing techniques in her classes: you'll discover muscles you didn't even know you had!

Next to technique and drills, there's also room for fun in class: choreographie, dancing games, improvised dancing, ... We'll be dancing to classical egyptian, as well as modern bellydance music.

Once a year, students are given the opportunity to perform at the open stage in september. (only if you want to!)






21-22u: showteam Indirah
(invitation only)




19u: Beginners
20u: Open Level
more info...

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The last lesson on 16 of juni will be a fun closure of the dancing year with a belldance fitness class open to everyone and a small showcase!
Students are encouraged to perform something for their fellow students and a limited audience of family and friends.
Stay tuned for more information!

Did you know that...

  • We wear a hip scarf during classes to accentuate the movements of our hips?
  • You will be starting to notice the benefits of this dance after 10 classes?
  • Bellydancing is one of the safest and most body friendly way of moving there is?


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