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  • What clothes should I wear?

    Comfy clothes are your best option for classes, such as a top and training pants. short tops that show your belly are allowed, but in no means mandatory! If you already have your own hip scarf, then bring that too! Luna also has plenty loaners available. A bare belly is optional!
  • How is a class structured?

    Each class starts with a thorough warm-up.
    Because every class builds on the previous one, we always build in a review part. This way everyone has a chance to pick up on things and ask questions. We focus on technique, drills and combinations. Next to that, there is also room for fun: games, choreography, .... you name it!
    At the end of class we take the time for a cool down and stretching.
  • Can I come watch?

    You can always take a taster class if you're not sure if bellydancing is your cup of tea. I prefer you join the class, rather than you watch. I like to create a safe environment for every student in class and not everyone is comfortable with other people watching them dance!
  • I think I'm too old/too young/too fat/ too .... to bellydance!

    The beauty about this dance is that it can be done by anyone! With a little effort, everyone can learn how to bellydance. I have students of every bodytype and age in my classes and it's new for everyone! I'll take you through the moves step-by-step and you'll be dancing before you know it!
  • Starting/Untill what age can I take classes?

    There is no minimum or maximum age for bellydancing! However, my classes are focussed on adults, and are suitable from an age starting 15 years old.
  • I'm pregnant, can I still join?

    Bellydancing is one of the most body friendly ways to move. Luna often has pregnant ladies in her workshops and they can usually follow along without any problems. Luna herself also danced up to 8 months into her pregnancy. However, your pregnancy has to be without problems! Please consult a doctor on beforehand, just to make sure. As a general rule, none of the movements should feel painful or uncomfortable.
  • Are we allowed to video/take pictures?

    To ensure a relaxed atmosphere in class, taking pictures or videotaping is not allowed. In case we learn a choreo, this will be filmed at the end of a session. Luna will then provide this video to all students who attended classes regularly, for practising purposes.


  • When will a new introduction class start?

    New classes for beginners traditionally start each year in september and/or january. New class information will be posted on the website. If you would like to be notified in case of new classes, enroll for the newsletter!
    You don't have to wait untill a new session starts in order to start dancing. Please contact Luna and she will advise you if it's still possible to join one of the existing groups!
  • How can I enroll for classes?

    In order to ensure a good flow of classes, it is necessary to enroll prior to coming to classes. This can be done either through phone or the website, by filling in the form. Payment for classes is usually done in cash, before the first lesson starts.
  • How much do classes cost?

    Thee are different payment options: you can enroll for a full session of 10 consecutive weeks. This is the cheapest option for classes and costs 70€. There is also a drop-in rate for those who which to pay one class at a time.
  • I'm not sure if bellydancing is my thing. Can I take a free taster class?

    Of course you can try out a class! You can take a taster class in one of the existing groups the whole year round at the drop-in rate, without any further commitments. Please notify Luna in advance that you would like to take a taster class. If you enroll for an entire 10 classes session after the taster class, the taster class is free!
    Throughout the year, there are sometimes temporary deals to take a free taster class. In order to be notified of these, enroll for our newsletter!
  • I can't make it to class one week, is that a problem?

    Classes are structured in such a way that you can still follow along if you've missed a class. Do remind yourself that classes you already paid for will not be compensated if you don't show up to class, as the rate for an entire session is for 10 consecutive classes. Only in case of illness your money will be transfered to the next session. Luna also offers several options in order for you to make up for missed classes, after consulting her. Please notify me on beforehand if you can't make it to class!


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