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  • What clothes should I wear?

    Comfy clothes are the best option for a workshop, such as training clothes. We will also be dancing bare foot or on our socks! A bare belly is optional!
  • What's the duration of a workshop?

    A standard introduction workshop is about 1 hour long, this is actually the ideal duration for an introduction. The length of a workshops can be adjusted according to your preferences. The minimum duration is 30 min., 2 hours is the recommended maximum duration.
  • Is there a minimum/maximum number of participants required?

    Not really! However, the price for a workshop with 1 upto 10 participants remains the same. I would recommend 20 as a maximum number of participants. In case you are more then 20 (for ex. teambuilding events, etc...) I would recommend booking multiple workshops and deviding the participants into groups!
  • 1 of the participants is pregnant, can she still join us?

    Bellydancing is one of the most body friendly ways to move. Luna often has pregnant ladies in her workshops and they can usually follow along without any problems. Luna herself also danced up to 8 months into her pregnancy. However, your pregnancy has to be without problems! Please consult a doctor on beforehand, just to make sure. As a general rule, none of the movements should feel painful or uncomfortable.
  • Where are the workshops being held?

    Luna is from limburg in Belgium herself, but she also teaches workshops on location. You can take a workshop at your own home if you have the room for it!
    Luna can also provide a dance space if needed (locations Zutendaal/Genk/Diepenbeek.
  • Do you also teach workshops for children?

    No, not at the moment.
    All Luna's classes and workshops are geared towards adults and are suitable from the age of about 15 years old.
  • Are we allowed to video/take pictures?

    Yes, but for private use only! Pictures/videos cannot be spread without permission. Also, please be so kind to give a copy to Luna!
    At the end of the workshop, we will also be making a fun group picture.


  • What is needed for a successful workshop?
    • a clean and heated changing room, which can be locked (please, no toilet or room that is used by other staff members or guests, outside windows have to be blinded as well)
    • an open dance space with a clean and safe floor (we will be dancing bare foot!)
    • for workshops outside, an alternative for bad weather has to be thought of
    • a number of a contact person, to be able to contact you on the day of the event.
    • Luna will provide the music and hip scarves, drinks and good vibes are up to you :-)
  • How can I book a workshop?

    Pleace contact me or fill out the form for a price indication. Be sure to mention the date (hour), place and the occasion of your event! (f.e. bachelorette, theme party, teambuilding ...) and the estimated number of participants. Luna will then send you a complete price quote. After confirming your booking by phone or e-mail, the requested date will be blocked in my calendar. All practical details will be confirmed through e-mail. This e-mail is your booking confirmation!
  • How for in advance should I make the booking?

    The sooner, the better! Some months tend to sell out quickly.
  • How does payment go?

    Workshops are preferably paid in cash before start of the workshop. All payments through my account have to be made prior to the event date. Please mention on beforehand if you would like an invoice. Luna often does multiple workshops in one day. Therefore, timing is key. In case a workshop cannot start at the time we agreed upon previously, an extra charge of 25€ for each 30 min. waiting time will be charged.
  • What if I have to cancel the workshop?

    Please contact me as soons as possible in case of cancellations, so I can deblock the date in my calendar for other workshops. Cancellations are free of charge up to one week prior to the event date.
  • What if the number of participants on the day of the workshop is different then what we agreed upon?

    The ultimate price of the workshop is determined by the number of participants the day of the event. However, the price for 1 upto 10 participants always remains the same.


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