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Bellydance costumes for sale

Since I change my wardrobe from time to time, I aften have second hand costumes for sale!

Keep an eye on this website for more offers!
See something you like? Don't hesitate to contact me if you would like some extra information or pictures of a certain costume!

bellydance costume home made bellydance costume home made

Pink and black costume, home made. Fabric is a black and bright pink lycra, with strass chains attached to it. Bra is a B-cup, skirt size 36/38


bellydance costume Eman Zaki bellydance costume Eman Zaki bellydance costume Eman Zaki bellydance costume Eman Zaki

Professional bellydance costume by designer Eman Zaki. Bra is a large B, small C (padded at the moment). Skirt size 36/38, length about 100 cm. The skirt was too short for me at first, so an extra piece of black lycra fabric has been added to the bottom. This can easily be removed again!


bellydance BH

Bellydancing bra, covered with beads, original from Sakkara.de, B-cup.




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