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Dear Luna,
you brought so much to the amazing experience we all had this weekend. I couldnt have dreamt of a more beautiful, pioneering group of women to be part of my first Raqs Flow Training in Europe. you are an accomlished dancer in your own rite, I am honored you would choose to continue your studies and training with me. You are truly "die hard", you embody my philosophy of what is possible when you train hard! I can only offer inspiration, you get all the credit for your commitment to your practice! Congratulations on your new journey into motherhood. Xoxox
Sadie, USA


Luna Belgium is a phenomenal dancer and we really connected on this first time ever performance. Such a fun night...
David Hinojosa, percussionist, USA


You have a surprising style with original ideas and powerful dances.
Your technique is proof of your dancing skills.

Besides your own talents, you also know how to create a warm and positive atmosphere in a group of dancers.
The fact that you won first place at the Benelux Championships speaks for itself.

Alain and Yamila, stichting morgenstond


The party really got started after your performance and everyone had a blast.
Your show was praised with a lot of compliments, by both the woman and men in the room ;-)
Thank you again for this lovely surprise-act!


Thank you so much for the beautiful show! It has contributed a great deal to the party joy!


Thank you again for the wonderful performance, everyone young and old enjoyed it!
We were even asked to put on some more oriental music later that night :-)


Dear Luna

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for the professional bellydance class we had last night.
All the participants were very pleased (and it wasn't the first time we organised a bellydancing lesson!).
We enjoyed your explanations about the background as well as the entire structure of the class.





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