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Specialty workshops for dancers

workshop bellydance

Besides introduction workshops, Luna can also be hired for themed workshops. These are intensive workshops that have 1 specific subject and are geared towards dancers with experience. The level of the workshops may vary from open level to advanced level workshops. Luna often organises these workshops herself (have a look at the calendar!), but she is also often asked to teach workshops with colleagues or at bellydance events. All workshops are normally about 2 hours long, but the length can be adjusted. Luna can teach the workshops in Dutch and in English.

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Technique workshops:

workshop killer drills

Killer Drills
Want to become a stronger dancer? Drills are THE way to improve your dancing skills. We will be doing some basic drills and turn them into real brainteasers.... Are you up for the challenge? This workshop is designed to take your "basic moves" to the next level! We will also include some technique à la Sadie! Level: intermediate/advanced

Baladi hips

Baladi Hips - Technique and combinations
The baladi is an earthy, powerful, but also super feminine style within oriental dance. This workshop is not about the Baladi in itself, but we will take the baladi as an inspiration to integrate more power and stronger moves into our dancing repertoire. We will work on hip work, shimmies, belly accents, but also travelling steps, hands and arms, all  baladi style!
Level: intermediate/advanced

workshop the power of posture

The Power of Posture
Good posture gives that finishing touch to a dancer. In this workshop, we will not only be paying attention to the proper posture, we will also be doing upperbody drills, some hands & arms exercices, as well as exercices to improve our balance and core strength. Last but not least: Poses! Tips and tricks for making poses while dancing and for photoshoots!
Level: open level

workshop combination carousel

Combination Carousel
Join the Carousel! This workshop is all about combinations in different styles and subjects: a saidi combo, veil combo, shimmy combo, crazy hips combo, travel combo, ... something for everyone!
Level: open level

Prop workshops:

workshop double veil

Double Veil
If one veil isn't enough for you, how about dancing with two? In this workshop we will learn techniques for dancing with 2 (silk) veils. Tips and tricks for making your own double veil routine, beautiful poses, wrap- and spinning techniques, going from single to double veil and reverse and some fun combinations!
Level: open level, some veil experience recommended

workshop pure veil romance

Pure Veil Romance
Luna's favourite topic! This workshop is all about the romance! We'll be looking into what makes a romantic veil piece so special and we'll be working with the concept of opposites attract! The workshop includes veil technique as well as ready-to-go combinations, which you can integrate into your own veil dance!
Level: open level

workshop Fan Veil Fun

Fan Veil Fun
Fan veil are a beautiful prop that is becoming increasingly popular in the bellydancing world. This workshop will explain basic techniques for single and double fan veil. We will learn beautiful poses and lines, spins & turns, flutters, floofs and fun combinations you can combine into a fun choreo!
Level: open level, this workshop is also suited for students with little to no experience with fan veils

veil tool box sluier workshop

Veil toolbox
A complete toolbox that will help you create your own veil dance! In this workshop we will have a look at the different phases that can be part of a veil dance: entrance and exit, wrapping (and unwrapping) yourself, spinning techniques, catching air with your veil and last but not least: error recovery! You can practise each move seperately to improve your veil skills or mix & match to create your own choreo!
Level: open level. This workshop is also suitable for students with little to no veil experience

workshop zills

For the love of zills!
A zills workhop designed to improve your zilling skills. We will be doing: 4 different speeds, 4 different sounds, 4 rhythms and variations to those rhythms. Everything will be put together with some challenging, but fun combinations!
Level: open level, some experience with finger cymbals is recommended, this workshop can also be adjusted into an introduction workshop to zills

workshop saidi toolbox

Saidi toolbox
A complete toolbox that will show you the way in the wonderful world of Saidi! In this workshop we will be focusing on the different parts of Saidi and cane dance: saidi steps with and without cane, spinning techniques with the cane, turns & flips, balancing, ... You can practise the moves seperately to improve your technique with the cane or mix & match to create your own cane dance!
Level: open level. This workshop is also suitable for students with little to no cane experience


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